Pontoon CE certificate

Pontoon CE certificate is one of the most misunderstood subjects. Our clients ask questions on certification of pontoons, swimming platforms and pontoon boats all the time.

A lot of people believe that there are pontoons on the market that have CE certificate. There are people in pontoon business that claim that plastic or steel pontoons made by them have a CE Certificate.

Plastic or steel modular pontoons, pontoons made from pipe, pontoon floats of any kind are not subject to CE marking procedure. Swimming platforms, floating piers or any stationary floating object built on pontoons cannot be CE certified to the best of our knowledge.

An exception to the rule are pontoon boat and pontoon raft certificates instead of pontoon CE certificate. A self-propelled floating structure can be certified as a “pleasure craft” according to directive 2013/53/EC. Inspection from Notified Body checks stability, freeboard, buoyancy and flotation according to EN ISO 12217-3:2017.

Our Classic and Large raft certification happened despite pouring rain. Our thanks for patience in inclement weather goes to our inspector Mr. Siirak and the notified body – European Agency of Inspection and Certification!