Why buy a Ufloat DIY plastic pontoon kit?

There is a lot of choice on the market when you are looking for plastic pontoon floating pier, swimming platform, floating dock, pontoon leisure boat or a house boat. Often the floating pontoon product you are looking for comes either ready-made and fully assembled or as “pontoons-only”.

So the question is – why should you choose Ufloat plastic pontoons or Ufloat DIY Raft or Swimming Platform Kit instead of the pontoon solutions offered by our competition?

The obvious reason is savings! Assemble the pontoon boat or swimming platform yourself and save money! It is cheaper to ship kit instead of ready-made pontoon product. It also makes sense to take advantage of Ufloat Off-season prices! Stock up with our modular plastic pontoons or pontoons + kit for the next season if it is on sale!

Very often – kit is the only way to deliver your order in many locations. Often it is not possible to drive to lakeside where you need your swimming platform to be built. Sometimes there is a limit on weight of the vehicle.

A DIY enthusiast will go for light weight, modular pontoons that are safe to handle and easy to mount! We at Ufloat are happy to share assembly drawings for our standard rafts and platforms for free. One person can safely handle  Ufloat pontoon kit – each element weighs less than 20kg!

Building a pontoon raft from scratch over the course of a long afternoon, on your own or even better – with friends over some lakeside bbq and beers is a very satisfying experience!

Featured photo a quad bike transport raft across the biggest river in Sweden – Vittangi and delivered to Kiruna just – in – time for the expedition. Find more photos on Ufloat Instagram profile.